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    Well Up: The Weekly Trend Update: Kids Cosmetics, $40K Wellness Programs & Gen X Hair Care

    This week in Well Up: From kid-targeted cosmetics to luxury wellness programs and the science behind Gen X hair care, we explore the hottest trends shaping beauty, health, and ecommerce.

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    Beating the Ban: Reorienting Your Strategies for a Post-TikTok World

    Is TikTok on the chopping block? Beauty brands, fear not! Here are 5 proactive strategies to maintain a thriving online presence, regardless of what happens with TikTok.

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    Front Row: A Powerhouse in E-Commerce Growth Strategies

    Learn how Front Row, utilizes data and multi-channel marketing to help beauty, wellness and CPG brands thrive.

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    Amazon Updates in May 2024: Fee Changes, Q1 Earnings & Prime Day News

    Catch up on the latest from Amazon! This blog post recaps May's updates including fee adjustments, Q1 earnings highlights, and news about the upcoming Prime Day sale.

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    The Art of Standing Out: Crafting a Comprehensive Creative Strategy for Your Beauty Brand

    Craft a winning creative strategy for your beauty brand. Learn how to build brand identity, create captivating content, and optimize your presence across social media, online marketplaces, and physical stores.

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    Modern Retail Feature: Men’s Care Brands Are Finding a Home on TikTok

    Discover how TikTok is revolutionizing men's care marketing. Explore the trend's driving forces, platform advantages, brand success stories, and the future of inclusive beauty in this data-driven analysis.

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    360° Marketing Solutions: Dominate Your Market with Front Row

    Elevate your brand with Front Row's innovative 360° digital marketing solutions. Combine social media, paid advertising, retention marketing & more to create winning DTC strategies.

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    A Look at Amazon Updates for April 2024

    This blog post summarizes essential Amazon updates for sellers in April 2024, including product listing changes, targeted promotions, policy updates, and Prime Day prep. Optimize your strategy and maximize success!