Commerce Catalysts


Director, Advertising


Katja is an accomplished professional with over 15 years of experience in performance marketing. In her role, Katja oversees various aspects of advertising management, focusing on Amazon Advertising (Sponsored Ads and DSP) as well as Retail Media beyond Amazon. Her responsibilities include developing effective advertising strategies, optimizing processes, and testing tool solutions to deliver exceptional results for clients in the most efficient manner. One notable accomplishment in Katja's career is building a successful team within a year, specializing in tools such as CitrusAd and Criteo. Her team manages advertising campaigns across multiple countries, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, and soon Canada. Katja previously worked as a Senior Account Manager at iProspect, a Dentsu company. She also served as a Senior Account Manager at Pilot, a media agency with a strong performance marketing department, where she handled SEA campaigns for various companies and managed Social Media Marketing for a multinational consumer goods corporation. Today, Katja actively pursues professional development, including completing leadership training programs such as the Chief-of-the-Year program in 2023.