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Other solutions are data-powered.
Ours is also brand-powered.

We’re a commerce-focused group that propels our clients’ brands to new levels of success. And we needed a tool that let us look at large amounts of information quickly, that let us process and interpret it easily, and did all of this with results that were rich, in-depth, and highly actionable. We couldn't find anything that was good enough. So, we built it ourselves. And we built it so well that it’s taken on a life of its own.

Our proprietary technology is named Catapult—because it enables you to make the most impactful decisions for your entire ecommerce management using real-time insights and market intelligence.

Catapult amazon

Actionable analytics
that power up 1P and 3P Amazon vendors

Get in-depth data insights that you can track across countries, complex product assortments, and individual brands while monitoring and optimizing the impact of your ad spend.

  • Amazon Retail Analytics

    Decide what’s really worth your attention based on daily updated vendor retail data, always delivered at the right level of abstraction.

  • Amazon Digital Shelf

    Efficiently monitor product listings and the market to always know where you stand, keep your assets current and capitalize on customer feedback quickly.

  • Amazon Media Analytics

    We give you global performance transparency so you can maximize the impact of your media investments. Increase visibility and incremental sales generated by your campaigns.

  • Amazon Seller Operations

    Monitor your main KPIs and make optimal decisions about what's driving incremental sales for your business with real-time data.

Our Brand Partners


  • Front Row's [Catapult] BI service helps me to get a clear view of our ongoing business daily. Whether it's a detailed analysis of sales in different time perspectives or a deep analysis of Net PPM - everything can be easily displayed at the push of a button and, above all, very clearly.

    Sandra Schalück

    Head of Digital Business, Leonardo (glaskoch B. Koch jr. GmbH + Co. KG)

    byBusiness intelligence

  • Catapult helps us make better and faster decisions based on data. The reports and tools are revolutionizing the way we work, enabling us to work in real-time and across teams with complex data.

    Lukas Märtin

    Digital Commerce Activation Manager, Unilever

    byBusiness intelligence

  • The [Catapult] BI reports help us quickly identify the root causes behind developments in our business and make better decisions as a result.

    Philip Graeger

    User and Retail Marketing Home and Garden, Bosch Power Tools

    byBusiness intelligence

  • Front Row's [Catapult] BI reports help us identify trends in our business much faster and make better data-driven decisions, even down to the product level.

    Marion Drossard

    Head of Amazon Team, Universal Pictures

    byBusiness intelligence

  • From data crawling to the analysis and visualization in Power BI, Front Row [Catapult] supports us proactively and reliably in the implementation of BI projects.

    Marcus Bräuchle

    Product Owner Data Hub, Bosch Power Tools

    byBusiness intelligence

Meet Our Team

  • Benjamin WeyrichHead of Product & Business Intelligence
  • Lukas MoorsHead of Software Development
  • Tim NeddenManaging Director, Ecommerce Management
  • Mark WieczorekChief Insights Officer
  • Sven KochManaging Director, Commercial Management
  • Jan BechlerManaging Director, Front Row Europe

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