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Modern Retail Feature: Men’s Care Brands Are Finding a Home on TikTok

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The Rise of Men's Care on TikTok: A New Era for Personal Care Marketing

The social media landscape, particularly TikTok, is undergoing a significant shift when it comes to men's care. Traditionally dominated by beauty and fashion content geared towards women, the platform is now witnessing a surge in men's care brands establishing a strong presence. Our feature in Modern Retail explores this exciting trend, analyzing the driving forces behind it and its implications for the future of personal care marketing.

Breaking Down Gender Barriers in Beauty

For years, the beauty industry has primarily catered to women, with social media content reflecting this focus. However, a cultural shift is underway. Younger generations, like Gen Z and Gen Alpha, are challenging rigid gender norms, paving the way for a more inclusive beauty space. This is reflected in the growing acceptance and exploration of men's care routines and products.

Emily Safian-Demers, Director of Insights at Front Row, an e-commerce and marketing agency, attributes this trend to the evolving attitudes of younger demographics. "That's pushing industries like beauty to rethink their products, their messaging and their marketing," she says. "[This] phenomenon we're now observing on TikTok is a result of that."

A Platform Tailored for the Modern Man

TikTok's unique format proves to be particularly well-suited for the burgeoning men's care movement. Here's how:

  • Short-form educational content: Unlike lengthy tutorials, TikTok's bite-sized videos are ideal for conveying quick tips and product demonstrations. Men can learn valuable information about skincare routines, product applications, and choosing the right formulas – all within minutes.
  • A space for authentic self-care: The platform fosters a sense of community, allowing men to see others engaging in self-care routines. This can help normalize and encourage men to explore personal care practices without feeling judged.
  • Rise of male beauty influencers: The beauty influencer landscape is no longer solely female-dominated. More male creators are emerging on TikTok, sharing their experiences with men's care products and offering relatable advice to their audience.

Data Reinforces the Trend

The growing interest in men's care on TikTok is backed by data. According to Circana, men's prestige skincare sales reached a staggering $190.1 million in 2022, reflecting a significant 23% increase from the previous year. On the platform itself, hashtags like #mensskincare are gaining traction, with thousands of users actively sharing content related to men's grooming.

Shifting Consumer Behavior: The Rise of E-commerce for Men's Care

Interestingly, data from Front Row suggests that men are increasingly comfortable purchasing beauty products online, particularly through platforms like TikTok Shop and Amazon. This could be attributed to the anonymity and convenience online shopping offers, potentially reducing stigma associated with buying men's care products.

The rise of men's care on TikTok signifies a broader shift towards a more inclusive beauty landscape. Brands are not only creating and marketing products specifically for men, but also featuring a wider range of influencers to represent diverse demographics. Front Row has seen a rise in client requests for incorporating male influencers, with some brands increasing their male influencer partnerships from 10% to 30%, according to Katelyn Winker, VP of Client Services.

The burgeoning men's care movement on TikTok presents a golden opportunity for brands to connect with a new generation of male consumers. By creating informative and engaging content, leveraging the power of male influencers, and offering a seamless online shopping experience, brands can establish themselves as leaders in this exciting new frontier of personal care. This evolving landscape necessitates that brands remain adaptable and cater to the changing needs and preferences of a diverse audience. As beauty continues to become more inclusive, platforms like TikTok will undoubtedly play a vital role in shaping the future of men's care.

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