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Promoting Skincare Through the Seasons

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With colder days just around the corner, consumer skincare needs are starting to change. Although winter may be cold and snowy, the drop in humidity and temperature makes it unbearably dry for our skin. Now is the most important time to communicate to consumers just what they need to know to build a skincare routine that works for the coming season. Here’s what our Digital Marketing, D2C team keeps in mind when strategizing for our brands on how to best promote their top skincare picks for fall and winter:


Our skin’s needs change with the temperature and climate; the lack of humidity outside and dry heat inside during colder weather can leave skin feeling itchy and flaky. "Low humidity levels degrade the skin's natural moisture barrier, which can lead to flaking, cracking, and peeling," New York City board-certified dermatologist Dendy Engelman previously explained to Allure. Dermatologists recommend replacing lighter moisturizers with richer formulas that replenish skin’s hydration and restore the skin barrier’s protection. 

Explaining to consumers just what these changing skin needs are and how to implement products that address them speaks to your brand’s knowledge and invites consumers into that knowledge, creating trust and brand loyalty. 


Different skincare ingredients and routine steps provide different benefits for the skin. Defining what benefits and steps are necessary in the winter, plus the season’s hero ingredients for achieving those benefits, gives consumers a chance to better understand how your brand and product will fit in their routine. Speaking to what ingredients don’t work for colder weather is a necessary approach, too. Most dermatologists recommend removing heavy exfoliation from a winter skincare routine (with ingredients like retinoids and glycolic acid) to avoid drying out the skin even more.

Think critically about how your brand can best approach explaining where your products belong in a winter skincare routine. Communicating your understanding of how to replace a summer skincare routine with a winter routine gives the consumer more confidence in this switchover. This communication has the potential to create a lifelong relationship with the customer based on trust.


Skincare doesn’t have to stop at the face. There are more solutions to consider if a simple facial product swap isn’t enough to save skin from winter dryness. Investing in a body lotion that’s just as rich as one’s facial moisturizer is crucial for keeping skin from drying out all over. Adding a humidifier to spaces with radiator heat can help to encourage the skin’s continued hydration.

If your brand isn’t completely skincare-focused but can offer products that encourage better skincare, this is a perfect opportunity to get some skin in the game (no pun intended). Explaining winter dryness to consumers outside of skincare and beauty may mean accessing a new consumer base that hadn’t considered implementing such changes. Your brand could also start reaching a consumer base that’s excited about the seasonal change and ready to embrace the change with your product.

Before the days get too cold, consumers will want to know what your brand’s products can do to help new skin needs. By communicating your brand’s knowledge on not only your product line, but also the ways in which your product line actually does help, your brand has the incredible opportunity of creating a connection with a consumer that will bring them back to your brand for many seasons to come. Interested in partnering with Front Row to start making those connections even stronger? Visit us at to get started on a new partnership today.