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The Power of TikTok Virality

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TikTok is here to stay.

As we head into 2022, there is really no doubt about the power social media platforms like TikTok have gained since the pandemic’s start. Grabbing users’ attention is even harder than before because long-form videos now live mostly on Facebook. According to The Verge, Facebook’s usage is projected to drop by 45% among teenagers in the next two years. 

Enter a platform where short-form videos thrive — TikTok

Wherever attention span is lower, short-form videos are seen to be favored by a younger demographic of users. This is why we are seeing the rise of Reels and how easily Instagram rolled back their IGTV so as not to end up like Facebook and to compete with other platforms.

This has all led to videos going viral overnight, users gaining an insane amount of followers in a short period—and that’s why brands are trying to capitalize on it. Before one video on Instagram was forced to beat the algorithm—in a video-centric platform like TikTok, virality is far more achievable with the right hashtags and content. 

Content: Authenticity, Trends, and Hashtags

The power of TikTok virality is in the authenticity, trends, and hashtags—aside from the incredible algorithm encoded, but I’ll get to that in a moment. The videos that usually go viral on TikTok tend to be positive, relatable, funny, and catching on to a trend or dance that’s already viral on the platform. Adding hashtags that are popular on the platform will make sure to boost your video in the algorithm—much like what Instagram does with their hashtag clouds. Aside from that, TikTok is where low-produced video content lives. Here is where unstaged life comes into play—something, not all brands are willing to produce.

Users want to see realness, and many brands cannot compete with time-sensitive trends. Not only that, but many brands struggle with legal clearance, especially with trends where songs are tied to them. However, there are ways to go around this, like paying TikTok influencers to make videos with brand products or creating your own brand jingle.

The key here, or the challenge, is to make it look like it’s not an ad. That means get creative! Smaller-scale brands such as candle, rug, and pottery makers, etsy creators, artists, and even singers are already doing this! We can’t forget to mention how larger-scale brands get users like the Idaho Falls middle-aged man riding the skateboard drinking an Ocean Spray juice while listening to Dreams by Fleetwood Mac! 

Consumer Behavior on the Platform

Another key aspect of the platform is its design. Because TikTok delivers specific content to entertain each user, there is no need to follow TikTok accounts. Most users scroll endlessly on their For You page. This platform is incredibly accurate at measuring users’ likes and dislikes. According toForbes,“TikTok measures each user’s behavior every few seconds and tracks exponentially more content than any other platform, making the algorithm better and better at serving up what users will like.

In 1 minute, TikTok’s micro-observations track at least 5-6 user measurements, multiplied by the average 52 minutes per user, can mean 300 data points per day and 9,000 data points per month, per user.” Meaning that content is served not only to the user who will mostly engage with it, but it also provides content with a higher chance of going viral simply because the algorithm adjusts quicker than any other. 

Harness the Power of Virality

It might be harder for larger brands to penetrate a space that is not necessarily catered for highly produced videos at first. However, once they catch on to the time sensitivity, authenticity, and trendiness, we will have brands capitalizing at a higher rate than before. From small creators to industrial brands, there is a lot of power in a platform like TikTok, and if you’re not on it, you are losing money as we speak!