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Creating Communities with Engaging Strategies

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The backbone of any well-performing brand is its devout community. Through influencer marketing, social media engagement strategies, and the inclusion of user-generated content, we’ve created new communities for brands that continue to positively impact their results. Our D2C team is sharing a couple of their best examples of creating communities with engaging strategies.

Turning to TikTok to Increase the Audience for Oster Professional

Oster Professional was looking to maximize their efforts and increase their market share. Together, we created numerous campaigns that kept our creative vision fresh and offered the flexibility to easily adjust with any social updates. Giveaways were a powerhouse behind Oster Professional’s growth — resulting in a 78% increase in engagements.

The Cordless Collection launch introduced a new product that quickly became a fan-favorite—so much so that the Black Cordless Clippers sold out. With the success we had seen on Instagram, we promptly turned our budget to TikTok to grow our audience. On TikTok, we launched with a #FastFeedChallenge that set us on the right path. In Q4, TikTok exceeded our expectations, bringing in 11M video views, 48k engagements, and a 26% retention rate.

Instagram Results
88% Increase in Follower Growth
- 78% Increase in Total Engagements
- 37% Increase in Avg Effectiveness

TikTok Results
324% Increase in Audience Growth
- 48,000+ Engagements
- 11MM+ Video Views

Influencer Results
- 35,000+ Engagements
- 1MM+ Video Views

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Directing Attention To MyKirei By KAO

MyKirei by KAO needed to increase brand awareness, so we built a content creation strategy that aligned with our goals to achieve more attention on Instagram. By maximizing our total engagements, video views, and follower growth, our average effectiveness rate resulted in a major increase. We kept the brand's video content to a handful of posts per month. Content types included UGC, influencer repurposed content, short-form video, and in-house branded videos. The creativity of our content was flexible, focusing on video content, elevated photography, and engaging graphics. We prioritized content that spoke to the brand message and lifestyle feel. We also engaged in strategic giveaways and creative copywriting throughout the year, growing and maintaining our Instagram following.

Performance Marketing Results
- 41% Increase in ROAS Growth
- 41% Increase in Purchase Growth
- 63% Increase in Conversion Rate

Instagram Results
4,465% Increase in Follower Growth
- 52% Increase in Total Engagements
- 154% Increase in Total Impressions
- 142% Increase in Avg Effectiveness Rate
- 1,029% Increase in Video Views

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