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Elevating the Retail Experience for Malin + Goetz

Strategy and design


In the face of rapid global expansion, Malin + Goetz sought a definitive Retail Playbook to standardize their retail experience, design ethos, and visual merchandising strategies across various formats, including freestanding stores, shop-in-shop installations, open sell spaces, and pop-ups.


Leveraging our expertise in retail strategy and concept development, we meticulously curated a robust Retail Playbook spanning over 200 pages. Organized into three key sections – Inspire, Inform, and Execute – this comprehensive guide provided invaluable insights into space planning, consumer journey mapping, architectural brand codes, refined material palettes, and meticulously crafted visual merchandising samples and planograms.

The Retail Playbook became Malin + Goetz's guiding light for their retail and visual merchandising initiatives, providing a framework for cohesive and impactful brand experiences across freestanding stores, shop-in-shop setups, open sell areas, and pop-ups.

In response to their expanding needs, Malin + Goetz entrusted us with the ongoing mission of crafting their guiding retail and visual merchandising concepts. We embarked on a journey to curate comprehensive case studies, distilling the most effective elements from their triumphant global ventures into unparalleled retail and visual merchandising experiences.

Our collaborative efforts resulted in a seamless and harmonized retail presence for Malin + Goetz, reinforcing their brand identity and elevating the customer experience across diverse retail formats worldwide.