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A Love Letter to Skin Transformation with Eve Lom's Radiance Repair Retinol Serum Campaign

Content creationStrategy and design


Eve Lom approached us with a challenge: to craft an enchanting continuation of their Love Letter to my Skin campaign, specifically tailoring it for the re-launch of their Radiance Repair Retinol Serum. The request included the development of art direction, storyboards, video scripts, and content creation.


Embracing the essence of storytelling, we embarked on a journey to bring Scyler Pim Klein's skin love narrative to life, leveraging her unique perspective as the daughter of the esteemed former Victoria's Secret model, Frederique van der Wal.

In part one of our content series, Scyler shared her personal journey of skin love. To amplify the emotional resonance, we ingeniously cast our art direction and product imagery in a warm, golden hour lighting. This deliberate choice not only echoed the golden packaging hues but also infused the content with an overall warmth, setting the stage for a seamless transition to part two of our campaign featuring Frederique, scheduled for a later release.

The Love Letter to My Skin campaign featuring Scyler and Frederique forged an authentic bond with its audiences. Through each of their genuine narratives, we spotlighted the Radiance Repair Retinol Serum, positioning Eve Lom as a brand immersed in heartfelt storytelling.

The warm, golden aesthetic aligns with the brand's identity, leaving an impression of radiance. The campaign's success lays the foundation for future storytelling endeavors, illustrating the power of weaving personal narratives into the fabric of a brand.