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Symphonic M.D.

Strategy and design

The Power of Balance

Strategy and design


The newest, cutting-edge skincare line with a focus on combining the forces of powerful ingredients for optimal results

Symphonic M.D., a collective of leading academics, doctors, researchers and inventors, unleashes the radical potential of science to radicalize skincare. Front Row was tasked to Formulate a cutting-edge position, message and identity for the newest science-backed skincare brand. From brand identity to launching the brand across all touchpoints including email marketing, digital advertising, web development and social influencer marketing.


Cutting-edge Compositions

Front Row centered the brand identity around the simple idea of two contrasting elements coming together to create a powerful formula. Grounded in strength, the brand identity pushes the story of radical scientific potential and breakthrough formulas to a new level. Through a progressive collective of the world’s leading academics, doctors, researchers, inventors, and developers bringing together the latest advancements and most proven research from our individual specialties to create multi-targeted treatments and supplements that work together. At every touchpoint, the brand is strengthened through high science and minimalism.

THE PACKAGING: Concrete Meets Metal

Centering on the power of balance, Symphonic M.D.'s packaging was designed to unify two opposing textures in harmony.

Digital Advertising

The 2023 digital advertising strategy was divided into pre-launch and launch phases, both emphasizing a holistic approach to introducing Symphonic M.D. to the USA market.

Our objectives were to enhance brand awareness, expand email subscribers, boost website traffic, drive sales, and cultivate a loyal customer base for Symphonic M.D., all while maximizing ROI. We conducted a thorough analysis of our competitors' performance marketing strategies, enabling us to grasp industry dynamics, uncover valuable insights about current trends, and pinpoint market opportunities.