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Transforming Search Campaigns for Spendit

B2B Marketing


Spendit is a B2B SaaS platform offering a comprehensive benefit management system. Spendit experienced a surge in leads from increased Google Ads spending. However, the majority of these leads were unqualified, leading to:

Wasted Resources

Valuable marketing budget was spent attracting leads unlikely to convert.

Strained Sales Team

An influx of unqualified leads overwhelmed the sales team, diverting their focus from high-potential prospects.

Diminished ROI

The overall return on investment for their search campaigns was decreasing.


To tackle this challenge, Spendit partnered with Front Row to revamp their search campaign strategy. The approach involved:

Refined Targeting

Implemented granular targeting parameters on Google Ads, focusing on keywords and demographics more closely aligned with their ideal customer profile (ICP). This included negative keywords to filter out irrelevant searches.

Optimized Landing Pages:

Developed tailored landing pages for each target segment, ensuring message-to-market alignment and a smoother user experience. This helped improve conversion rates.

Lead Scoring Model

Introduced a lead scoring system to prioritize leads based on their engagement level and fit with Spendit's ICP. This allowed the sales team to focus on high-quality leads.

Continuous Optimization

Consistently monitored campaign performance, adjusting bids, keywords, and ad copy based on data-driven insights. This ensured that the campaigns remained effective over time.

Lead Nurturing

Implemented an email nurturing campaign to stay connected with qualified leads who were not yet ready to purchase. This helped move leads further down the sales funnel.


Increase in Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs)

The number of high-quality leads generated by their search campaigns increased by 140%, leading to more meaningful conversations with potential customers.


Lead-to-Sale Conversion Rate

The refined targeting and lead nurturing efforts resulted in a significant improvement in the conversion rate of leads to paying customers.


Cost Per SQL

By focusing on qualified leads, Spendit reduced their cost per acquisition, improving their marketing efficiency and ROI.


Spendit's success story demonstrates the power of a well-executed search campaign transformation. By addressing the issue of unqualified leads, the company was able to improve its marketing efficiency, generate more high-quality leads, and ultimately achieve greater revenue growth. This case study serves as a valuable lesson for other B2B SaaS companies facing similar challenges in their search marketing efforts.