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Beauty Independent: Nopalera Opens LA Pop-Up, Launches Personal Care Products That Can Live In Hotels And Restaurants

Strategy and designPress

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Nopalera, a Latina-owned bath and body care brand, has embarked on two game-changing initiatives. They've launched a pop-up store in Los Angeles, set in the lively Silver Lake neighborhood, and introduced their first non-bar products, the $24 Cactus Shower Gel and $34 Cactus Cream. Front Row played a key role in crafting the immersive experience. The pop-up not only showcases Nopalera's products but also features merchandise from other Latinx entrepreneurs.

The new Cactus Shower Gel and Cactus Cream boast a unique scent inspired by copal, a resin used in ancient Mesoamerican ceremonies. Designed to be unisex and sophisticated, these products contain key ingredients like prickly pear oil, sweet almond oil, cactus flower extract, and blue agave extract. Their striking yellow aluminum packaging proudly displays Nopalera's logo—a goddess figure with cactus paddles emerging from her head.

This strategic move aligns with Nopalera's vision of becoming a key player in Mexican-centered personal care and bringing high-quality, intelligently designed products to hotels and restaurants.

Front Row has also played a pivotal role in refining Nopalera's brand messaging, broadening its customer base, and elevating its presence in the clean beauty market. Nopalera's commitment to cultural representation and clean beauty shines through in these innovative initiatives.

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