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Unlocking Growth: Breaking Down Data Silos in Marketing and Sales

Ecommerce managementBusiness intelligenceBlog

The gap between marketing teams and key account teams is widening in many companies. The drive to dominate individual areas often leads to silos. These silos can limit growth and the exploitation of potential opportunities. Our Data Mastermind Benjamin has (at least) one solution for you:



Increasing ROAS leads to increased budgets, yet instead of driving total sales upward, revenue is cannibalized!

Key Accounts:

Supply chain pressure and limited stock meet a sudden sales surge as marketing diverts budget to this profitable segment. This perfect storm races towards an 'out of stock' scenario and wastes budget.

This gap exists, not only among our clients but also within our own teams of Amazon Marketing and Key Account Consultants.

We appreciate the structure of expert teams but the risk of siloed decision-making could lead to missed opportunities. So, we brainstormed and crafted a solution.

Imagine this šŸ–¼ļø: Teams possessing a bird's-eye view of their operations. A reality where Advertising and Retail Data are intertwined, fostering collaboration and holistic decision making. Tracing the cause of a revenue dip, measure the actual effect of budget shifts between Sponsored Ads and DSP activities, and comprehend not only the media attributed ROAS but also the total ROAS.


Fostering a culture of Democratization Of Data and Data Transparency extending across teams, disciplines, and responsibilities.

A holistic reporting soltuion Catapult uniting teams on the same data-driven page, helping pinpoint causes of retail sales dips, impacts of budget shifts, and provides a combined view of media and total ROAS. All of this, across countries and product segments.

Do you see this gap and what actions do you recommend?


Stay tuned!

In my next post, I'll go into more detail about what options are available to avoid the so-called "dashboard fatigue" effect. Follow me or keep an eye on my updates to learn how you can make your dashboards work even more effectively for your team.