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How to Grow Your Instagram Following With Boosted Posts

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The Insight

How Can You Grow Your Instagram Following Significantly Each Month? Buy Them? No. Following and unfollowing profiles? No! These are two very common malpractices that we see in the social media world, and they’re the fastest way to get your business profile either banned or kill your engagement numbers by the algorithm penalizing you in where your posts show

So, How Can You Increase Your Instagram Digital Footprint Significantly?

And better yet — grow significantly with people who are interested in your brand that could likely turn to customers?

The answer is simple:
 set a monthly advertising budget for Instagram and start boosting your most engaging media.

Whether your budget is $100 or $100,000 a month, you will see growth! Instagram lets Business Profiles boost posts for “Profile Views”, “More Profile Visits”, or “Reach People Near an Address”.  

Boosting posts for “Profile Views” is the most effective and efficient way to target like-minded consumers and bring them to your profile. Here are our best practice recommendations to boosting media for profile views.

How to Boost Posts on Instagram for More Profile Views

1. Start with Video

Videos ALWAYS perform better and are favored with Instagram’s algorithm, so if you have high quality, engaging media in video form, this is the best type of media to boost.

2. Boost Organic Posts

If you are boosting a static photo, boost the ones performing the best organically. These will likely perform well with money behind them as well.  

3. Less for More

Boost fewer posts per month with more budget behind each, rather than many posts with smaller amounts. Instagram is a pay-to-play platform, and particularly in the world of beauty, you’re going to need to pay a pretty penny to be competitive.

4. Get Your Timing Right

Run your boosted posts for three to nine days. This is the best time span to spend more money per day and push your ad higher into the bidding system of the algorithm.

5. Create a Customized Target Audience  

NEVER, NEVER use the “Automatic Audience” option. In my experience, specifically choosing your targeting always delivers a significantly larger ROI — after all, you know your prospective consumer the best.

6. Add a CTA

Before you boost a post, change your caption and add a call to action. It can be something simple, such as “Follow @(yourhandle)” to allow the person targeted multiple ways to click to your profile within the post. For example, if your original caption was “We have the color cosmetics you can’t live without,” try adding a CTA afterwards like “Follow @(yourhandle) for more exclusive content, fun giveaway, and more!”

7. Utilize Influencer Content

If you work with notable influencers and you own the media they’ve created for you, boost it! Boosting influencer content allows you to target people who like that notable person and others like them, along with relevant interests and behaviors.


Don’t be afraid to test different targeting and types of media — have fun playing around with boosted posts. Every brand is different, so it’s important that you use testing to figure out what works best for your business.

What are you waiting for? Boost away!