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Looking Ahead to Q1 2024 Planning

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With holiday plans in place, it’s time to strategize taking advantage of the busy season’s sales boost. The attention your brand gets from Black Friday and Cyber Monday could be important to capitalize on and can help your brand create returning customers. Here’s our team’s top tips on how to turn new customers into loyal customers.

Utilize UGC for Social Proof

Affiliate marketing is a proven strategy in establishing credibility for your brand and creating new customer connections that last. User-generated content, or UGC, is an umbrella term that encapsulates various methods of content creation, both paid and unpaid. Asking your customers to review your product is an easy way to generate content that can then save you time planning entire campaigns from scratch. According to OptiMonk, Blenders Eyewear started using customer reviews in their Facebook Dynamic Product Ads and saw a 38% decrease in cost per acquisition, a 62% increase in return on ad spend, and two times the click-through rate.

Make Recommendations Based on Holiday Purchases

Let’s be honest: most shoppers are shopping for gifts for themselves during the holiday season. And in this “treat yourself” culture, it’s safe to send product recommendations to consumers with the assumption it will resonate with the recipient’s personal shopping habits. Consider building a Customer Winback email automation that includes auto-populated product recommendations or tailoring the on-site shopping experience based on a consumer profile that’s connected to a previous shopper or a shopper who abandoned their cart. 

Never Stop Testing

The golden rule of digital marketing: keeping an eye on your metrics and analytics is imperative for keeping your brand ahead of the game as the year continues. Start the year off right by implementing new approaches to how you track your brand’s successes. Our proprietary technology is named Catapult because it enables you to make the most impactful decisions for your entire ecommerce management using real-time insights and market intelligence. Get in-depth data insights that you can track across countries, complex product assortments, and individual brands while monitoring and optimizing the impact of your ad spend, plus uncover actionable insights that you could never see before with a holistic view of your advertising and retail channels.

Congratulations, you’ve survived another holiday shopping season! Now all that’s left to do is to relax and celebrate the successes of the year with loved ones. But how about starting a new partnership for the new year? Our team of experts wants to help you strategize for your brand’s best year yet. Check out for more information and to talk with one of our commerce catalysts today.