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March 2024 Amazon Updates

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Amazon continues to innovate, offering both sellers and customers new opportunities and improved experiences. Here are the latest updates from Amazon in March 2024:

Amazon Expands FBA New Selection Program

Amazon understands the importance of offering a diverse selection of products to its customers. In a move to encourage sellers to list new products on its marketplace, Amazon has expanded the perks of its "FBA New Selection" program. Launched in 2019, this program motivates sellers to make new products available to Prime members through its FBA fulfillment program.

One significant change announced on March 1, 2024, is the reduction of the Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score needed for program eligibility to 300 or higher. Previously, sellers needed a score of 400 or higher to qualify for the program. This adjustment aims to make the program more accessible to a wider range of sellers, ultimately benefiting customers with a broader selection of products.

By January 2021, Amazon had 60,000 sellers enrolled in the FBA New Selection program, underscoring its popularity and effectiveness in expanding product offerings on the platform.

To learn more, read more here.

Amazon Implements Stricter Coupon Pricing Rules

In its commitment to ensuring customers receive genuine savings, Amazon has implemented stricter rules on coupon pricing. Beginning March 12, 2024, products must have a sales history to be eligible for a coupon, and their promotion price must be lower than either the "was price" or the recent lowest price.

This move aligns with regulations against deceptive pricing practices set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Amazon's new coupon policy aims to build customer trust and enhance the overall shopping experience on the platform.

Reaction to the new policy has been mixed, with some sellers expressing concerns about selling below cost, while others welcome the measures as a way to combat deceptive pricing tactics.

Regardless of opinions, Amazon remains committed to providing a fair and transparent marketplace for both sellers and customers. To learn more, read the article here.

As Amazon continues to evolve, these updates demonstrate its dedication to driving innovation and improving the overall experience for all stakeholders in the e-commerce ecosystem. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from Amazon in the months to come.