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Mastering Social Media Video Content

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Mastering Successful Social Media Video Content

Making successful video content for social media marketing starts with a dedicated, collaborative, and creative team. Join us as we take you behind the scenes with Front Row's exceptional Content Creation team, sharing their exclusive strategies for how to produce and edit thumb-stopping video content for social media.

What does the process of preparing for a successful shoot look like?

Patty Quimzon, Digital Video Specialist: “The process of preparing for a successful shoot includes creating a lengthy but efficient checklist, but make sure to leave room for creative liberty. A checklist doesn't always map out every variable that could occur during a shoot, but it definitely helps with streamlining important details pertaining to the shoot. Allowing room for creative adjustments ensures we capture the perfect shot."

Jacob Smith, Video Specialist: “Of course, the creative process starts with a solid and achievable concept to execute in the time given. Once a concept is approved, it's good practice to make a shot list or breakdown of the video so you are able to complete the video in segments. From that point on, it's simply a process of trial and error, seeing what works and what doesn't. Also, I love coming up with ideas on the spot. I find that ideas made in the heat of the moment perform well with both the client and internally.”

What makes creating video marketing for social media so different from creating video marketing for TV or other mediums?

Nico Cortez, Head of Video Production: “Long gone are the days of linear stories. With social media, you have a fraction of a second to catch someone’s attention to keep them from swiping away and only a few seconds following to communicate the brand or product. Social media ads allow for no fluff and should be structured strategically for its platform and purpose.”

PQ: “Video marketing for social media is all about grabbing someone's attention within 2 seconds or less! Creating an impactful opening on top of keeping a social media ad 8 seconds or less is a challenging aspect, but it's doable when the creative has a handle on trends.” 

JS: “A lot of the time with social media ads, you'll see all the important information thrown at the very beginning of the ad, where with TV there's more of a build up. Social media ads tend to feel more personal, sometimes even like UGC content. For the social media viewer, seeing someone in their bedroom vouching for a product is a lot more appealing than a representative of a brand trying to sell you something.”

In your opinion, what is most important to remember when shooting?

PQ: “The most important thing to remember when preparing to shoot is to communicate effectively with your team members throughout all steps of production. Having your team members on the same wavelength is incredibly beneficial to prevent pertinent details from slipping through the cracks and to enforce strong morale overall to create amazing content.”

JS: “For me, the most important thing I try to remember when shooting is branding. I ask myself questions: Does this feel on brand? or Would this be something [the brand partner will] like? I also try to consider any other feedback I’ve been given on previous assets and implement that into future videos.”

NC: “Onboarding the right team members, having collaborative conversations, and the biggest thing is over-communicating everything.”

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