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November 2023 Amazon Updates

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Explore the latest Amazon developments, from tackling fake call centers to innovative shopping features, as we highlight key updates. Dive into each section to learn more!

Amazon Helps Take Down Fake Call Centers in India

Amazon has collaborated with Microsoft and the Central Bureau Investigation (CBI) in India to combat tech support fraud. They successfully conducted multiple raids against illegal call centers impersonating Amazon and Microsoft. Thousands of customers were affected, primarily in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, and the UK. Amazon's efforts to hold fraudsters accountable signify a commitment to consumer protection and industry collaboration. Read more here.

Amazon Introduces "Consult-a-Friend" Feature

Amazon is testing a "Consult-a-Friend" feature that allows customers to easily request and manage friends' feedback on products. Customers are particularly interested in getting feedback on apparel, shoes, electronics, and furniture. This feature enhances the shopping experience, making it easier for customers to make confident purchasing decisions. Read more here.

Amazon Adds Small-Business Filter in Search Results

Amazon has introduced a new search filter to help shoppers find products from small-business brands and artisans. Any small-business brand displaying the Small Business badge is eligible for inclusion in the filter results. This feature promotes support for small businesses and enables customers to easily discover their products. Read more here.

Amazon Enhances Climate-Friendly Claims

Amazon's Climate Pledge Friendly program now includes three new certifications that recognize materials innovation. This program allows customers to identify climate-friendly products. Amazon's commitment to sustainability aims to reward sellers who develop innovative, eco-friendly products. Read more here.