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Preparing Beyond Cyber Monday Weekend

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Cyber Weekend is almost here — time to focus on what your brand can do after the weekend’s done to maximize its successes and address its pitfalls for the remainder of the shopping season.

Stay on Top of Your Email Automations

Email automations are an important feature of any brand’s communication, and they are integral for keeping all of your consumers informed during the holidays. “Updating your email automations throughout the holiday season allows you to ensure you’re not contradicting your promotions with your automation promotions, especially since coupons, deals, or offers are typically not combinable,” said Rebecca Peele, Director of Retention Marketing at Front Row.

Peele continued, “Additionally, we see an increase in engagement when we speak to promotions in our automation subject lines or within the email body itself.”

Let Past Holidays’ Metrics Be Key Learnings

When creating paid ads strategies, don’t just look at previous BFCM metrics: consider metrics across channels from all sales events. Colleen Cigliano, Director of Performance Marketing, had this strategy to share after analyzing this October’s Big Deal Days’ metrics: “Investing heavily in middle funnel retargeting tactics helped us to maintain efficiency while still lifting sales. Our strategy specifically included investing more heavily in Sponsored Display and DSP.

“When mentioning specific brands, we found customers were searching more for general brands they wanted to shop from instead of specific products or formulas."

Be Timely with Offers

Offering deals as the holiday season continues keeps attention on your brand and drives further engagement. If you see that an offer from earlier in the shopping season was successful, consider doing a last chance sale closer to the holiday. Some brands have started recognizing December 14 as Free Shipping Day. Shipping deadlines are important for consumers to remember when holiday shopping and a deal such as this makes it hard to forget to make shopping timely.

Just like with any good relationship, communication is key for keeping a strong relationship with your consumers throughout the holiday season. Don’t overdo it, but maintain your messaging to end Q4 on a strong note. Ready to regroup with our team of content, media and ecommerce experts on what your brand can do to take advantage of the holiday season? A member of team is ready to answer your questions — head over to for more.