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Amazon Updates: September 2023

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We've gathered the latest news and developments from Amazon, and we're adding insights to provide you with a deeper understanding of each update. Below, you'll find a summary of each update along with expert commentary.

Amazon Improves Customer Reviews with Generative AI

Amazon continues to enhance the customer reviews experience using generative AI. This feature provides concise review highlights, making it easier for customers to gauge product sentiment.

Amazon's use of generative AI to improve the review experience is a significant step. It streamlines the process for customers who want quick insights into product reviews. For brands, this means more focused customer feedback and the potential to highlight positive aspects effectively.

Source: Amazon News (Written by Vaughn Schermerhorn)

Prime Big Deal Days Coming in October

Prime members are in for exclusive deals during Prime Big Deal Days this October. This shopping event will span across 19 countries, offering members exciting discounts.

Prime Big Deal Days are an excellent opportunity for Amazon sellers. It's a chance to attract a vast audience of Prime members and boost sales. Preparing inventory and marketing strategies in advance is key to success.

Source: Amazon News

Brand Tailored Promotions for Amazon Sellers

Amazon introduces Brand Tailored Promotions, allowing sellers to offer exclusive discounts to specific customer segments. This tool enhances customer conversions and loyalty.

Brand Tailored Promotions empower sellers to target their promotions more effectively. By tailoring discounts to different customer groups, sellers can improve ROI and build stronger brand loyalty.

Source: Amazon Seller Blog (Written by Benjamin Hartman)

More Required Product Attributes for New Amazon Listings

Amazon adds 274 product attributes for 200 product types, making them mandatory for new listings. This update aims to improve the shopping experience.

This update underscores Amazon's commitment to enhancing product information quality. Sellers should take this as an opportunity to provide more detailed and accurate product listings, ultimately benefiting both customers and sellers.

Source: EcommerceBytes (Written by Ina Steiner)

Faster Deliveries for U.S. Prime Members

Amazon achieves its fastest delivery speeds ever for Prime members, with over 300 million items available for free Prime shipping. The company continues to prioritize speedy and reliable delivery.

Fast and reliable delivery remains a cornerstone of Amazon's value proposition. Faster speeds not only satisfy customers but also boost seller competitiveness. It's essential for sellers to align their logistics strategies with Amazon's delivery enhancements.

Source: Amazon News (Written by Doug Herrington)

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