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The BeautyMatter NEXT Awards: Front Row Announced Finalist for Best Design + Branding Agency!

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The NEXT Awards 2023

Honoring Excellence Across the Beauty Landscape

In the world of beauty and wellness, the spotlight often shines brightly on brands and founders. However, behind the scenes, there are unsung heroes—communication, design, and strategy experts—who play a pivotal role in the success of these innovative companies. These experts bring brands to life, helping them realize their full potential. Recognizing their indispensable contribution, BeautyMatter's NEXT Awards aims to celebrate the entire value chain that shapes the future of beauty.

The NEXT Awards are a testament to the dynamic beauty industry's evolving landscape. These awards go beyond the surface to honor individuals and businesses that raise the bar and redefine beauty's future. The judges' meticulous evaluation criteria include:

- Capabilities, Leadership, Achievements, and Impact
- Contribution to Employees, Community, Society, and the Industry
- Quality, Innovation, and Execution of Agency's Work

Let's meet the finalists for the 2023 NEXT Awards in the Agency category.

Best Design + Branding Agency: Crafting Best-in-Class Strategies and Design

Front Row
: Our agency partners with leading beauty, wellness, and consumer brands, offering a holistic approach that covers strategy, design, content creation, marketing, and marketplace management.

1r Agency: A global full-service agency with a multidisciplinary team that leverages design, technology, and innovation to maximize brands' digital potential.

Free The Birds: A "brand elevation agency" specializing in beauty, health, and wellness, dedicated to providing direction, focus, and differentiation through design.

Best Digital Agency: Mastering Screen-Based Products and Services

Iced Media
: Focused on the intersection of beauty and paid social, Iced Media creates full user journeys, utilizing tools and technology to drive meaningful business growth.

Rebel360: This agency transforms traditional growth models, supercharging business growth through omnichannel strategies and expertly optimized strategies.

Best Public Relations Agency: Shaping Communication Strategies

Creative Media Marketing (CMM)
: A full-service PR and influencer marketing agency specializing in beauty and lifestyle marketing, offering a 360-degree approach that consistently delivers ROI.

Foundation: This forward-thinking agency is all about getting people talking through influencer marketing, digital marketing, creative services, and crisis management.

Factory PR
: Experts in crafting stories that reach diverse audiences, Factory PR offers a unique, hypertailored approach in navigating the beauty landscape.

Best Social Media + Influencer Agency: Orchestrating Social Success

Red Ant Asia
: A creator-led agency focused on China's tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z, with an innate understanding of the local culture and consumer behavior.

Creatable: A one-stop shop for influencer marketing, Creatable offers comprehensive solutions for impactful content creation and distribution.

As we eagerly await the announcement of the winners on October 26, 2023, at the BeautyMatter NEXT Summit in Los Angeles, we are thrilled to share that Front Row is a finalist for Best Design + Branding Agency. We are honored to be among the many talented brands and agencies in the beauty space.

To learn more about the agencies operating behind beauty's buzziest brands, dive deeper into the original BeautyMatter article here. The future of beauty is bright, and these agencies are leading the way!