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Unlocking the Secrets of Upper Funnel Ad Dollar Spend: A Deep Dive with Front Row's Chief Insights Officer

Business intelligenceArticle

Mastering Holistic Ad Spend Strategies for Sustainable Brand Growth

In the quest for brand growth, investing in brand-building advertising is a crucial but challenging endeavor, often met with skepticism from internal stakeholders. CMOs and media buyers grapple with the need to demonstrate the tangible connection between advertising efforts and sales. However, the landscape of consumer behavior tracking is becoming increasingly complex, with iOS updates and the impending disappearance of cookies from browsers by Google.

The conventional last-touch attribution model, which assigns full conversion credit to the interaction immediately preceding a purchase, has led to an overemphasis on the bottom of the funnel. Research from industry experts reveals that last-touch attribution tends to overestimate the impact of branded searches while underestimating the sales impact of online video.

Mark Wieczorek, Chief Insights Officer for Front Row, emphasizes the industry's shift towards multi-touch attribution and market mix models, driven by major players like Amazon, Google, and Meta. These developments aim to equip marketers with the tools needed to justify increased ad spending across the entire sales funnel.

In a candid interview with Beauty Independent, Mark Wieczorek shares insights on navigating the evolving ad landscape and outlines a strategic approach for understanding ad spend holistically, comprehending the customer journey, and optimizing marketing results.

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