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Utilizing UGC in Your Brand’s Content Strategy

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User-generated content (UGC) has emerged as a significant trend in the beauty industry, captivating the attention of marketers seeking authentic and engaging content. There’s been a surge in UGC's popularity for marketing and advertising because of the increasing value of social proof. Consumers are also more educated than ever on the brands they use, making them great creators for branded content. Unlike influencer marketing, however, UGC creators lack formal affiliations with the brands they feature, rendering authentic UGC more credible and trustworthy in the eyes of consumers.

The proliferation of UGC presents promising opportunities for at-home, professional affiliates to collaborate with their favorite brands, and our D2C team is sharing their best ideas for incorporating more UGC into your brand’s content strategy.

Email Marketing

While social media remains a potent force in digital marketing, traditional email marketing continues to be the cornerstone for capturing leads, nurturing subscriber lists, and monetizing customer relationships. Recent statistics indicate that email marketing boasts a median ROI of 40:1, positioning it as a highly effective advertising tool. Incorporating UGC into your email marketing strategy can be achieved through initiatives like email-based hashtag campaigns, encouraging subscribers to share their experiences with branded hashtags on social media. An exemplary case is our email strategy we employed for House of Lashes, which effectively integrated UGC to enhance further customer engagement.

Paid Ads and Web Content

Fostering brand loyalty often hinges on making customers feel part of a larger community; in fact, 79% of individuals attribute high importance to the UGC that comes from their online communities in their shopping decisions. Incorporating UGC content not only on social media but also on your brand's website can drive sales and enhance brand credibility.

Social Media

Engaging customers through contests and giveaways presents an enticing opportunity to foster brand interaction and promote product awareness. Incentivizing participation with free or discounted rewards can amplify customer engagement. Tailoring contest guidelines to generate UGC that can be repurposed for future campaigns is a win-win for you and for your consumers. This also empowers customers further because you will guide them on content creation, as 50% of consumers express a desire for brands to provide content creation guidance.

Tapping into your customer base can be an integral decision in bolstering your brand’s marketing strategies. When you have loyal consumers that are willing to speak to your brand’s authenticity and values, you have the opportunity to turn your customer base into a community that reaches far beyond the confines of the digital marketplace. Let our D2C team get down in the details with you on taking your brand to the next level. Visit for more now.