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Weaving Storytelling Through Your Content Strategy

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Every brand — and every consumer — has a story. Our Strategy + Design Team is sharing their best examples and advice for brand storytelling that has connected top brands with their consumers.

What does it really mean to "weave storytelling" through a content strategy?

"We bring experiences with us anywhere we go. Story is a universal truth of connection -- if you can tell a story, you can connect with anybody. The power in storytelling is its multi-dimensionality and you can feel when a brand has that, when a brand wants to wrap itself out into the world. The best stories are truth and fantasy. No one is wearing makeup to be more “truthful,” necessarily, but for play and experiment and expression. The best stories have this play while still doing some problem-solving, too."

What is most important to keep in mind when implementing more storytelling?

The more a brand can reach out, the more people can connect to it. While mentoring brands, I emphasize focus and simplicity. The more focused a brand is, the easier it is for the consumer to recall the brand and rally around it. Keeping it simple adds to this — we can tell simple stories, but we can also tell a lot of them at one time because there’s so many channels where we can tell those stories now. It’s about thinking episodically, starting with being known for something and then expanding from there.


Christopher Skinner, Chief Brand Officer

What does the process look like to establish and incorporate a brand's story?

We start by sitting down and talking to brand founders and stakeholders about what excites them with the brand, what their “why,” or their purpose, is, and how they want their brand to be perceived. This often turns into a creative brainstorm where there are no wrong ideas. Additionally, we’ll do a deep dive into the competitive space and see where their brand could really stand out and what consumers are already saying about the brand.


Nico Cortez, Associate Creative Director, Content Creation & DTC

Our creative team is always thinking of how to develop the next big stories to tell worldwide audiences. Is your brand’s story ready to be heard by the global marketplace? Let us help — visit us below to discover more about what our Strategy & Design Team can do now.