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Well Up: The Weekly Update 6/5

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This week in health, beauty, e-commerce and beyond:

Wellness real estate, Chinese luxury content and the next era of Clean Beauty. Explore the emerging consumer trends shaping retail, beauty and wellness.

As C-Beauty Takes Center Stage, China Cracks Down On Luxury Content

US Consumers are growing more interested in C-Beauty routines. So much so, that Vogue recently broke down what’s driving (and bottle-necking) the Chinese Beauty Boom and Rihanna hopped on multiple Douyin livestreams in May to debut new Fenty Beauty releases. 

Meanwhile, BoF reported that just last month China’s internet regulator, Cyberspace Administration of China, launched a campaign “to discourage social media users from deliberately showcasing a lavish lifestyle built on wealth.”

Weibo, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu have all announced measures to help “curb ostentatious behavior,” which has led many popular accounts to become restricted. We’ll have to wait to see how new guard rails, plus growing interest, may impact the C-Beauty ecosystem. 

If Clean Beauty Is Coming To An End, What Comes Next?

Elle suggested that Clean Beauty is being replaced by ‘Accredited Beauty;’ as brands are increasingly using “expertise, efficacy and tech-led explorations to prove their capabilities and win trust.”

The shift aligns with a rise in “skintellectualism,” as consumers are doing more research and holding their skincare to higher standards; as well as the recent evolution of medical aesthetics in the beauty space. As beauty consumers continue to prioritize scientific credentials, brands can expect a category shift from clean to "cleanical." To resonate with skintellectuals, brands can couch their products within their own explainer content and lean in to FDA-compliant, doctor-driven explanations.

Real Estate Has A New Focal Point: Wellness

In recent years, ‘Wellness Real Estate’ — specifically residential real estate — has become “the fastest growing wellness sector in the United States.” Since the pandemic, the sector has grown 22% worldwide, and Zillow has reported a rise in ‘wellness’ mentions (and features) in for-sale listing descriptions. 

Some companies are cashing in on the trend, with Redgate announcing ‘Gibson Point’ as “291 Modern Apartment Homes Designed for Wellness and Seaside Living.” Located in Revere MA, the homes offer “spa-like living” and “a holistic wellness experience unlike any other,” and pave the way for endless wellness real estate — and brand partnerships — to come. 

Other noteworthy headlines: 

- DoorDash has partnered with Ulta Beauty to officially “unlock the largest selection of beauty products available for on-demand delivery.”

- L’Oréal has unveiled new bio-printed skin that hopes to “raise the standards of product testing and encourage beauty without animal cruelty.”

- PopSugar recently wrote about “The Liquid Nose Job That’s All Over TikTok.”