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Well Up: The Weekly Update

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This week in health, beauty, e-commerce and beyond:

Gen X hair care, EQX supplements and cosmetics for kids. Explore the emerging consumer trends shaping retail, beauty and wellness.

When It Comes to Cosmetics for Kids, Who Makes the Rules? 

Disney recently teamed up with Bubble on an Inside Out 2 collection, while Jovy launched the first, and only, EWG-verified makeup for kids. Meanwhile, Vermont just became the 28th state to legally allow students to carry and self-apply sunscreen in school, and one California Bill looks to ban skincare for children under 13. So with more and more cosmetic collections targeting Gen Alpha, consumers have to wonder: Where will regulations change? 

Will Equinox Confirm A Supplements Partner for its New $40,000 Membership?

EQX Optimize marks Equinox’s new collaboration with Function Health. For $40,000 a year, users can track their health across 100+ biomarkers. With this data, they can then optimize their training, nutrition and recovery as needed — but in addition to helping shape each user’s diet, exercise regimen, and sleep routine, the platform is expected to also suggest new supplements. The new initiative cements 360-degree wellness services and products as a pillar of high-end health offerings. And with Grown Alchemist replacing Kiehls in Equinox locker Rooms just last week, time will tell what other partnerships may emerge.

Hair Care Brands Are Split On How to Target Gen X, But Committed to Trying

Business of Fashion recently explained How Gen X Became Beauty’s Next Big Consumer, highlighting the demographic’s $15 trillion in spending power. Around the same time, Brooke Shields made headlines with her new hair care line Commence, which is formulated for women 40-plus, and Elle wrote a larger explainer on palmitoyl tetrapeptide-20; an increasingly popular ingredient that may help some users delay the graying process. With more and more brands embracing palmitoyl tetrapeptide-20, it will be interesting to see what other emerging ingredients come to shape this tidal wave of new products.   

Other noteworthy headlines: 

- Beauty Inc asks, “With TikTok’s Fate in Limbo, Could YouTube Shorts Be Beauty’s Next Big Growth Opportunity?” 

- HuffPost debates how Skims’ latest launch — shapewear for men — will be received. 

- PopSugar wrote about color-changing ‘Mood Ring’ nails, which are created with a heat-sensitive paint that wasn’t created for cosmetic use, and technically isn’t safe for natural nails.