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Our Work

    • Ecommerce management

    Launching a new beauty brand on Amazon

    To launch the first digital sales channel outside of its own website, the outdoor skincare brand Kinfield turned to Front Row's ecommerce management division. A "Shark Tank" success story, Kinfield uses natural plant-based ingredients to formulate products such as bug repellent, aloe spray and sunscreen.

    • Ecommerce management

    Scaling a global digital shelf on Amazon

    A global Amazon vendor needed our support regarding the operational management of their digital shelf across 11 countries. The client’s assortment consisted of over 2,000 product listings per country.

    • Ecommerce management

    Maximizing effective ad spend through A/B testing

    We were approached by a global Amazon vendor in the hygiene and health category whose ads weren't converting shoppers as much as they should.

    • Ecommerce management

    Building a custom AMC dayparting analysis to drive incremental sales

    While monitoring the advertising performance for one of our clients, we identified performance dips on certain days of the week. To better understand what was causing these issues, and to determine if we were missing any opportunities for optimization, we developed a custom dayparting analysis using the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC).

    • Ecommerce management

    Implementing Sponsored Ads to boost visibility on crucial platforms

    A global Amazon vendor in the FMCG category turned to us to improve the management of their advertising on Tesco, the largest retail chain in the UK and the fourth largest worldwide.