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How Front Row Launches the Next Leading Brands

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With the recent launches of body & home brand Cerulean 6, skincare brand Symphonic MD, and fragrance brand Future Society, we continue to lead the industry with niche expertise. Read on for more info on each of these recent brand launches.

Building an Expressive Biology-Inspired Fragrance Brand

Future Society, the debut fragrance brand by Arcaea, embarked on a mission to blend the realms of biotechnology and fragrance. With a vision rooted in "expressive biology" and the revival of extinct plants, the brand aimed to craft an aspirational identity grounded in science. Future Society presented a unique challenge: to develop a brand identity that transcended conventional perfumery. Our Strategy and Design team had to build a brand from scratch, weaving together the narratives of biotech, fragrance, and Solar Punk-inspired futurism. 

In our pursuit to seamlessly fuse biotechnology with the art of fragrance, our Strategy & Design team began by crafting a brand strategy. Giving the brand the name Future Society provided a gateway to a future that transcends time and entwines science and fragrance, and thus we tailored our messaging accordingly. The brand’s visual identity sybmolizing the synergy between science and fragrance emerged as a cornerstone of our design. The packaging, a digital ode to nature's resurrection through scent, became a pivotal storytelling element. Cutting-edge CGI animation breathed life into the brand's futuristic vision, and a user-centric e-commerce platform added the finishing touch. Each facet played a role in the holistic transformation of Future Society, birthing a brand that reimagines fragrance, offering a journey back in time through scent.

Unleashing the Power of Balance in Skincare Innovation

Symphonic M.D., a collective of leading academics, doctors, researchers and inventors, unleashes the radical potential of science to radicalize skincare. Front Row was tasked to formulate a cutting-edge position, message and identity for the newest science-backed skincare brand. From brand identity to launching the brand across all touchpoints including email marketing, digital advertising, web development and social influencer marketing. 

Front Row centered the brand identity around the simple idea of two contrasting elements coming together to create a powerful formula. Grounded in strength, the brand identity pushes the story of radical scientific potential and breakthrough formulas to a new level. At every touchpoint, the brand is strengthened through high science and minimalism.

Unveiling a Symphony of Sensory Elegance

Front Row and Bluemercury joined forces to embark on a journey to craft not just a line of new products, but an immersive experience through which to excitingly launch the new products. The mission was clear: extend Bluemercury's internal team with a creative partnership that would birth proprietary brands. And thus began the captivating tale of Cerulean 6. Inspired by the 6° of sensory perception, Cerulean 6 is more than a brand; it's an exploration of touch, sight, and the ethereal. 

The spectrum of blues used in the brand’s identity, inspired by the heavens, converges into a line of products that redefine elegance and luxury. Each product holds a unique sensory journey, meticulously designed to capture the essence of bliss. Our journey led us to the heart of Cerulean's allure – its packaging. Beyond a mere container, each element of the packaging design became a canvas, a work of art for the senses. From the powdery matte finishes to celestial metallic gold accents, every detail is meticulously curated to evoke a sense of sophistication and indulgence.

By drawing on their various experiences and expertise, our Strategy & Design, Content Creation and DTC teams are ready to make your new brand the next big thing. Visit to talk to one of our commerce catalysts about starting a partnership with us today.