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Best of 2023: The Front Row Edition

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We have so much to celebrate as an agency — and we’re just getting started. 2023 has been filled with highlights, from our full company integration to our big win as Agency of the Year. But it’s the work we do that we’ll always be most proud of and what keeps us winning. To truly celebrate, we’re shouting out some of our top projects from this year for top brands.

Symphonic M.D.

When launching this new clinical skincare brand, Front Row centered the brand identity around the simple idea of two contrasting elements coming together to create a powerful formula. Grounded in strength, the logo and brand identity push the story of radical scientific potential and breakthrough formulas to a new level. 

Future Society

Founded upon the idea of expressive biology and the resurrection of extinct plants, Future Society emerges as an imaginative fragrance brand, rooted in science. Front Row created a brand identity around a Solar Punk inspired future, grounded in biotechnology.

Cerulean 6°

We were proud to help launch Cerulean 6°, retailer Bluemercury’s new bath and body care brand. Our packaging design and visual merchandising designs cascaded into icon designs, plus full support for Amazon assets for Cerulean 6° and more of Bluemercury’s brands.

Beautyblender Play

Partnering with Makemepulse and leveraging their expertise in video game design, we created a continuous scroll game to capture user data and reinforce the educational component of the color-changing sponge design. (Visit to play now!)

Eve Lom

We partnered with Eve Lom on their Love Letter to My Skin campaign, bringing art direction and product imagery cast in a warm, golden hour lighting to echo the golden color of the packaging and give an overall warmth to the campaign’s content.


A new verbal identity colored the existing language with more life, honing in on the full experience of the efficacious bath and body collection. Front Row introduced a new brand statement and updated the language across the brand to better convey the very idea of a casita, from the architecture, to the colors, to the classic interior motifs.

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