Commerce Catalysts

Our Work

    • Strategy and design

    Elevating Nopalera: A Journey in Chicana Beauty Brand Transformation

    Discover how we breathed life into the Nopalera beauty brand, redefining its messaging, art direction, and retail positioning to embrace Chicana culture with vibrancy and reverence.

    • Strategy and design

    Cultivating the Future with Future Society: Building an Expressive Biology-Inspired Fragrance Brand

    Explore Front Row's transformation of Future Society, where science meets fragrance in a journey back in time, and uncover how our Strategy and Design team crafted a brand identity rooted in biotech and Solar Punk-inspired futurism.

    • Strategy and design

    Empowering Health and Community: The WellWithAll Brand Transformation

    Discover how our Strategy & Design division empowered Wellwithall, a groundbreaking supplement brand, to reconnect communities with the transformative power of preventive health.

    • Strategy and design

    Elevating Beautyblender with Interactive Gaming: A Front Row x makemepulse Collaboration

    PLAY is an immersive and interactive gaming experience that seamlessly blends entertainment and beauty. Learn about this unique collaboration and how we brought the new Beautyblender PLAY to life in an addictive arcade game.

    • Marketplace partnership

    Using organic and paid strategies (and TikTok) to increase Versed Skin's Amazon revenue over 100%

    Versed turned to us in order to establish a brand presence on Amazon, stave off third-party resellers and begin growing sales following a period of explosive growth on its ecommerce website.

    • Strategy and design
    • Content creation

    How we created a masterpiece of a campaign for Makeup By Mario

    Makeup By Mario turned to us to create a stunning campaign for their new, long-anticipated foundation. We focused on a bright, "in-studio" feel that displayed the founder's artistry and experience with a variety of skin tones.

    • Ecommerce management

    Launching a new beauty brand on Amazon

    To launch the first digital sales channel outside of its own website, the outdoor skincare brand Kinfield turned to Front Row's ecommerce management division. A "Shark Tank" success story, Kinfield uses natural plant-based ingredients to formulate products such as bug repellent, aloe spray and sunscreen.

    • B2B Marketing

    How We Drove a 6x Increase in Users Generated for an Internatonal Product Management SaaS

    Our strategic approach led to a 6X increase in user generation for our client, an international product management SaaS all while keeping media costs steady. Our goal? Significantly boosting lead volume on search without a substantial increase in budgets.